The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling will be running for the first time between the 15th and 23rd June 2013…

Edinburgh prides itself on being the City of Festivals, there are festivals for The Arts (and their attendant Fringe), Books, Films, Science, and even Storytelling. Edinburgh also has ambitions to be a cycling city, it was the first city in the UK to signed the Charter of Brussels and is currently committing 6% of the city’s transport budget to cycling. We feel this is a good time to start The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling.

To be a proper Edinburgh style festival, it has to be a city-wide event over at least a week, as a real showcase for all aspects of bicycle culture and the host city. Most Festivals of Cycling seem to revolve around the sports side of cycling, with a race or two, maybe a sportive and a family event tacked on the side. But there is so much more to riding bicycles than this! As an Edinburgh, The Festival of Cycling is going to be more, therefore as well as the rides and races, it will also have a range of cultural events across the city, something for everyone. So let the fun begin!

The following organisations are supporters and/or sponsors of The Edinburgh Festival of Cycling:

The City of Edinburgh Council

Edinburgh Leisure

Spokes: the Lothian Cycle Campaign

The Tri Centre Edinburgh.

Please note that this website is a temporary and will be moved to some more professional in due course.


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